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After two operations and pain everywhere

Now I train 3 times a week ..

Per Martin Brendryen er prostataoperert en gang og ryggoperert en gang etter å ha hatt to prolapser. Han røyket 20 sigaretter om dagen, og hadde aldri i hele sitt liv drevet med noen form for organisert trening. – Jeg pensjonerte meg som 63-åring, og det er en overdrivelse å si at den nye pensjonisten var i god fysisk form. En hard arbeidshverdag hadde tatt på, og de siste 35 årene som eier av sitt eget bilgummiverksted her i Sandefjord hadde ikke gitt mange mulighetene til å slappe av. Det var på tide å tenke nytt.

Per Martin Brendryen has had both prostate and back surgery after suffering from two prolapses. He smoked 20 cigarettes a day and had never been a part of organized sports. “I started living off pension at 63 and it would be an exaggeration to say that I was in good physical form back then. A difficult work life, the 35 years running a car workshop in Sandefjord had left with very little free time. It was time to focus my time on new avenues.”

Exercise became my thing, and my results were a testament to my progress. I had a general practitioner, Nils Kähler who convinced me to begin training regularly. Luckily, I followed his advice and my life changed for the better. I currently do 3 interval trainings a week and will even make up days on the weekend if my week is busy. That’s just the kind of person I am. If I set my mind to something, I will see it through. That’s how I quit smoking as well. After a life as a chronic smoker, I stopped in one afternoon. My whole life living on pension, Ihave been smoke free!”.

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Hard workout standard

76-year-old Per Martin is a perfect example of how it is never too late to start training. “I never cheat myself on the treadmill or during strength exercises. I can’t even trick myself either, but I don’t exaggerate. I know my limits but always push for my goals. My breathing has become substantially better, but I don’t trust my biological age. Its half of my actual age, meaning that boundaries are necessary,” Per Martin says with a smile on his face.

The energetic uncle to the former 1993 Ski Long Jumping World Champion Helge Brendryen, moved from Hometown Folldal as a 15-year-old. I lived in Oslo and worked as an aircraft mechanic for 10 years for SAS. I was happy both at Høvik, St. Hanshaugen and at Frogner, but eventually moved down to Sandefjord with my wife Kari Turid. Then I started working for myself, which ended up in never ending workdays. My phone also never stopped ringing on the weekends. Other than a Ski or day trip every once in a while, with the wife, I mostly worked.”

Never Quit

Now the lively 76-year-old has trained up at the EviBase clinic for over a year and has no plans on stopping anytime soon. “Why would I stop? I’ve realized that after a trip up to Folldal or vacation in Spain, it only takes a few sessions to get back into the rhythm. I am happier and healthier when I am in good physical form. However, my balance became worse after my back problems and my operation. It is therefore important for me to keep up with my routine, because training makes me feel healthy. If I stop, I will probably end up sick,” Per Martin explains. He plans on continuing to be a regular here at the clinic.