tom dahl frøshaug

Caught up in the day to day, confessions from an overweight man

Summer 2018

“The vast majority of Norwegians are like me, I think as I look at myself in mirror of the bathroom. The phone rings, a quick sandwich, and then out to the car.  Meetings, sitting in front of the computer, new meetings and more administration work coming across my desk. Have more job-related things scheduled for the afternoon. Have to finish up so tomorrow isn’t as busy. Then waiting in traffic on my way home, dinner and then the couch. Should have trained but for heaven sake, I am exhausted. The TV is a lot more appealing compared to session on the treadmill at a full training center.” Ola Nordmann has lived another typical one of his day to days.

Everyday life

“A daily routine that a lot of us recognize. The pattern of a repeating circle of events that is often called a time crunch. The truth is that adults also often find themselves in the comfortable but unsettling pattern. The chances of suffering from a lifestyle disease increases, while your energy only decreases. The job is one thing, but this type of person is also receptive of recognition in terms of positions of trust. In my case, such as a position on the local sport teams. And it shouldn’t be an issue but with both children, I end up with a lot of time being spent here. So, all of a sudden, the schedule is full, work, commitments and late meals. My pant size is getting bigger, face is losing its natural contour and my hats are getting a little small. The road home has suddenly become enormous, and it just the pictures on the walls that remind me of a time when I was in physical health and had a competitive spirit. Dangerous, dangerous.”

Something has to be done

It’s about time to tighten my grip. Ask god for guidance. Seek professional help. This “old man” has established himself around this toned body, and the beginning of a new pill regimen is on the rise. One thing is for sure, it does not take a long time to lose your fitness. I speak from personal experience, and the day that your workday becomes your life, the training and afternoon activities become less and less of importance. It’s a slippery slope. However, at some point we decide to set lofty ambitions for our old ages. Many of us become members of training centers, others buy sneakers, while some of us buy new Ski’s or mountain bikes. Now it is time to turn our life around.

Challenges and Solutions

The statistics are gruesome. New members at training centers register with ambition but lose track of their goals throughout the year. The sneakers are just as nice and look unused, while the bike and skis sit locked away in the garage. Excuses become the norm, while food such as meatballs, potatoes and sauces end up back on our plates. It doesn’t matter if you had the right intentions, everyday life eventually takes control eventually. The seat belt needs to get longer while the sweater looks more like a bib. In these instances, we require outside help, and we need to take our time. It is important to have people cheering you on, not just at home but health professionals that motivate you to be your best self.


When I started I made a pact with myself. I am now done with this part of my life. The vacation photos from 2018 are hard to look at. I laugh but cried at the thought of my previous athletic self. I had a conversation with my general practitioner, bought a swim suit and started off slowly. I changed my diet, but most importantly halved my daily intake. I also started with leisurely walks and as my breathing improved, I increased how hard I pushed myself. I was greatly inspired by the fact of how my weight affected my life. A sense of improved character and mastery of oneself eventually came back. I am writing this down a year after I put my foot down and decided to make a difference. I am now 30 kilos lighter, and my better quality of life is thanks to the pact I made with myself. Now I train every single day and feel 100 times better and have now even made a new pact with myself. It is just as binding as before. From now on I will use training as a form of medicine…

Summer 2019

Progress after 6 months of training