Life was brutal for John before his heart surgery

«Johns story»…

John Goodnow is an American Teacher and Actor, and his story is both exciting and valuable. During the fall of 2018, John became increasingly ill and his doctors discovered that his heart was failing. “This led to a big, big operation. Two veins were replaced, and a lot of other parts were repaired. It was quite tough. I was cut open from my neck down,” said John as he pointed to his gigantic surgical scar.

He sat down to tell his story, “before and after the operation,” a turning point in his life…John discusses his health after the operation. “It was horrible. 15 liters of water a day, pictures from back then aren’t the most appealing. Before I started experiencing heart problems, I was often seen riding my bike. A couple summers ago was a fantastic time in my life. However, I quickly fell ill. After the enormous stress that my body went through, its’ not a coincidence that everything fell apart. Not to mention, when I first came to EviBase, I was barely able to be on the treadmill for more than 2 minutes. Now however, my training sessions are over 20 minutes,” describes John Goodnow, a lively American who really shows the best of what this clinic has to offer.

Unusual Background

John is 67, but he hasn’t always been. He was born in Maryland and was an eager soccer player in primary school. “But then my family moved to North Carolina and American football was the sport that everyone played. I soon after came in contact with my school’s theater group. I jumped right in and quickly found where I belonged. Drama and theater initially became my main methods of income, while I later studied to become a theater director. I thought it was too easy to be an actor, I wanted to have an influence in the construction and message of the show instead of just acting in it,” John elaborates.

Denzel Washington

He thought movies were boring compared to the theater. “But I have acted alongside Denzel Washington, an actor that you have probably heard of,” says Mr. Goodnow as we nod with confirmation. Washington is one of the world’s most influential actors, but he is also one of Johns old friends.

“After some time as a professor of a college, my wife Margaret and I moved to Finland. We were members of a Lutheran congregation with many Finnish relatives and were recommend trying Scandinavia as our next step. At Helsingfors I studied physics, math and history. However, my mother shortly became sick and we moved back to the U.S for nine years. My wife got her masters in the study of the pedagogical approach to the Montessori System. This became a stepping stone that led us back to Scandinavia on a permanent basis. My wife’s offer of a job at a local school in Homestand eventually led us to Skagerak here in Sandefjord. This is where we have stayed, other than a short sabbatical in Doha.”

“A quick recap of our current time in Sandefjord, Norway. We now live in walking distance to the EviBase clinic, meaning that I have no excuses to not exercise. I come at a minimum of two times a week, sometimes three. However, best of all my daughter fell in love with a Norwegian and lives in Framnes. I have two grandchildren that are somewhat close by,” Goodnow mentions. Although John Goodnow is currently living on pension, he still has a tight schedule and ambitions for the future. “I am currently engaged in a big project with the theater group over at Skagerak International School; a Greek drama that I am motivated to complete. I will also right my memoir. I don’t know who will want to read it but hope that my grandchildren will find the time to. I also need to keep up with my training.” Thus, he has a lot on his plate, theater, memoir, training, grandchildren. All in the spirit of John Goodnow.