EviBase has come to stay

Leif Ole Haugberg is a member of the training clinic. He is an entrepreneur, author, societally engaged, and one of Norway’s most busy retirees. He has previously told us his story, about how his training up at the clinic has helped his legs. He was long bothered by psoriatic arthritis, and first started training as an older adult. Haugberg got a whole page in the Sandefjord’s Newspaper, when he told the paper that he was critical of the EviBase clinic. “I was surprised by the angle but feel that I said something that was needed to be said. Now it is time to move on,” Haugberg says, who has a lot to say about the clinic conceptual future. Very interesting.

EviBase. Leif Ole Haugberg

“I reacted especially when people felt that they were pressured to train here at the clinic by my article. In my opinion that is a whole other reality. Most people that are recommended by their general practitioner to train, had little to no experience. Inactivity isn’t good, and the lack of a medical degree does not make this hard to comprehend. We get sicker and sicker, and we sit more and more. Everyone understands the connection. I adamantly believe that healthcare should not be focused on repairing like it is today. Instead it should focus on preventative and proactive measures. Therefore, the concept behind EviBase has the opportunity to develop into a broad, nationwide health service,” Leif Olaf Haugberg says. He will soon start a training program here and is constantly progressing.

Everything must be developed

Haugberg is nervous about the outdoors and nature and is researching his own training regiments. With and without shoes on the treadmill. Always new things, “I have sat myself down to find solutions. You guys have many aspects that are different to other centers. Close follow ups by doctors, maybe could be even closer. Try to get the doctors’ offices inside the clinic itself. Try to get an information board up in the lobby, maybe even a nutritionist. Adult training, regular lectures and an understandable publishing of our results here at the clinic as well. The personal stories about members that have had their life turned around are exceptional and inspirational for everyone involved.” Leif is opinionated and it is clear that he has many more opinions to express.

“When I began to train as an adult, I became interested in becoming more knowledgeable about the topic as well. General practitioner and neurological researcher Ole Petter Hjelles’ book ‘Strong brain, active body,’ I have of course studied. Not long ago I attended a lecture with doctor Berit Nordstrand, who gave me insight into the importance of how proper food is important for your health. It is criminally under communicated that training contributes to enormous health benefits such as more energy, better mental and bodily function, good conscience, increased life expectancy, better quality of life, and increased comfort and stability around one personal situation. The fact that your doctor keeps such close attention to you in the clinic, it is amazing how there isn’t a waiting line out to the parking lot,” Leif expresses. A good summary.

National Crisis

Leif Ole Haugberg has a lot of pages of documentation that describe how bad the national general condition is at the moment. “The couch is Norway’s most dangerous and widespread sickness. From my point of view the health care system has not focused on or taken this problem seriously enough. Our doctors and general practitioners are the key. They should be experts on health and training. I have not felt that our doctors spend enough time on this issue or have the needed understand on the topic. But then a clinic like EviBase comes into the picture. As long as people spend their money on new noses, lips, and backsides, no one should be afraid of investing in other body parts such as heart and lung.” Leif Ole puts things into perspective.

“It is definitely a societal responsibility, but to a higher degree it is our personal responsibility to take care of our own health. I don’t see any problems with doctors and other professionals coming together to start a training clinic. If anything, our general practitioners have noticed a glaring need. It is admirable and not suspicious that they have come together to create a health clinic. I find it strange that ‘training as medicine’ isn’t a bigger portion of the general medical education. When I experience my progress and notice the development of others here at the clinic, I sincerely hope that this concept is further developed in the future,” Leif Ole Haugberg concludes. A great example that training used as medicine works in real life. And at the very least, a brilliant ambassador for the EviBase clinic concept.