Now that my back is healthy, quitting smoking is next.

Evelyn Jonassen (almost 74) is on the way to being in top physical shape. After substantial back problems with prolapse and severe pain, her general practitioner recommended training and exercise as a potential solution. “When we started, my sister and I ended up at the wrong place. A place that was packed full of people that didn’t match the style that we were looking for. Luckily, we saw the EviBase sign in the hallway, and were happy to find that both the people and facility matched our style. We have now trained here for about a year and we are blown away. We will definitely continue, “Evelyn tells us while we learn that her time here has made her feel substantially healthier.

Evelyn has dealt with prolapse for a long time, specifically down her legs. On a normal day, 10 meters would have been a problem. I once helped a grandchild move and hit my back, which caused it to spasm. After I started with targeted training here at the clinic, my improvement has been exceptional. It is no exaggeration to say that my daily life now is completely different.

Reduced medicine intake

My personal gains haven’t stopped there. I have reduced my medicine intake substantially. I used to take beta blockers and significant amounts of blood thinners. I now use 5 mg of a blood thinner that I don’t remember the name of. My doctor and I are trying to get this number down to 0. I used to have to refill my medicine every couple weeks, but now my medicine is replaced with interval exercise training. I train twice a week and rarely skip a training lesson. My sister and a friend of mine are stubborn training partners. Although we are always unsure when to go, we motivate each other every day. The sense of community we have built is invaluable,” Evelyn tells us. She is one of the clinics regulars.

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And her sister Grete Seville Bakke and her friend Kjersti Syversen are a trio of highly engaged ladies. “After every training, we plan our next session over coffee and discuss solutions that would help fix world events. I would highly recommend finding training partners. There is always one that pushes the rest, so either way we always end up agreeing what our next exercise will be. I have personally adjusted the intensity with the more experience I get.  I know what my body can handle and decide how hard I will push after I asses the signals. The overall effect is superb, recently showing on my blood pressure test. I tested at a 125 over 65, which is a perfect blood pressure for adolescents!” She has even gone down 10cm in sizes, which is significant for a smaller woman like herself..

Next Project

Evelyn mentions that she still smokes, something she has done for many years. “I have tried to limit the amount I smoke but am thinking that it is even better to try and stop completely. My urge to smoke has significantly decreases after I have started with regular exercise training. On a scale of 1 to 10, I am very proud and believe I deserve a top grade on the progress I have made, only missing 4 days out of my first 12 months. I know I need to continue with this routine as my backpain and limited mobility have drastically improved ever since I started.” She wants her new project to be giving up smoking completely.

“My husband doesn’t smoke, and I know it would make him very happy if I quit. This is something that I will seriously consider,” Evelyn confidently told us. If we consider her commendable training discipline, we are confident she will successfully achieve her next project.