The health benefits are significant

One of the initiators of the EviBase clinic here at Sandefjord Helsepark, Hans Jacob Gravdal, is pleasantly surprised by the huge health benefits members have had after only four months of training. “I have followed ups with patients after four months and it is a pleasant surprise to record their progress. Especially those who were worse off when they initially came to us. We measure biological age, and it is amazing to see how young people have become,” Doctor Gravdal tells us, who passionately believes in the idea of using training as medicine.


Hans Jacob Gravdal is an experienced Doctor who has always had training and all forms of activity at the forefront of his mind. “I see the difference that training has on people’s health. There are members that come that use their first few sessions to observe and maybe take a look at the treadmill. Everyone is welcome regardless of intensity, but after a while people usually end up on top of the treadmill instead of looking at it. Better breathing and increased strength are almost instantaneous. Based on the results we receive; oxygen level intake increases 2.5 percent each month. These are enormous gains. Strength levels also increases by two percentage points after each training session. This means that people become 10 percent stronger after five training sessions. It not hard to see how people become happier, more active and significantly increase their quality of life, “Gravdal enthusiastically tells us.

10 years younger in four months

The factor that seems to have the biggest difference is the decrease in the so called “biological age.” “I am myself a living example of this difference. When I was tested based on my physiological parameters, the numbers showed a biological age of 65. At my best after my principled training period, my age was down to 43 years. Such a decrease is noticeable in the following areas including humor, work ability, and general activity. The reality of a healthier life being an attainable goal also acts as inspiration to continue this new lifestyle. Fitness produces better benefits than the majority of prescribed medicines do. Here we use sneakers and a treadmill, and not slippers, bathrobes, and pills,” Hans Jacob Gravdal tells us. He also often uses the training clinic.

Hans Jacob both believes and hopes that he represents the last generation of doctors that sit waiting with a perspiration on their desk as a patient comes in for a visit. “I have been indoctrinated from the beginning, and it us no secret that the pharmaceutical industry finances a lot of the research that doctors use in our daily professional lives. After just over a year with the training clinic, the results that have been recorded are so massive and clear that the use of the prescription has fallen further and further down the totem pole. Training works and it is not harmful in any way. Our research-based training methods are both safe and effective,” doctor Gravdal tells us.

Big ambitions

Hans Jacob sincerely hopes that this concept is a hit, and that other EviBase clinics around Norway can emerge from early success. “I know that there is political goodwill out there and we envision that there will be more forms of cooperation in the future. It is obvious that big actors believe that this concept is exciting, and of course there is also a huge market for socioeconomic gain as well. Based on my follow ups after four months at the clinic, patients will get back to work quicker with controlled and regular training sessions down at the clinic. There are benefits for everyone involved. Soon reason will prevail,” Gravdal says.

There are also things happening on the second floor of Helseparken. “We have initiated a cooperation with the University in Southeast Norway and have access to and are in cooperation with the research community in Trondheim. Furthermore, when it comes to access to digital tools, we will do our best to provide the best solutions. A variety of professionals are heavily involved. Moreover, our realistic ambition is that the ‘training app,’ will be easy to use for the patient, while it also gives us doctors all the documentation, we need to follow up in the most efficient manner possible. It is exciting to follow the development of this concept closely,” Hans Jacob Gravdal concludes. He is most definitely a primary source and witness to the reality that exercise and training work better as medicine when compared to pills